Chapter 1

Our 1st chapter starts with a cultural bridge of our own lifestyle as a British/Nepali living in London. Being raised in Nepal and moving to England, we were exposed to multiple genres of music and culture since we were young. There was a massive culture shock, language barrier and along with it was a new experience of art, music, fashion and the way of life. Even though we are proud to say London as our home, we sometimes felt like an outcast due to growing up in different cities and culture clash. These experiences led us to not being able to fit in and express ourselves truly with everything that was going around us.

Sky, Air, Fire, Water & Earth

We have combined both British and Nepali traditional art, music and culture to create an in-between bridge for both countries to share and cherish each other in a form of applied art and music. We also believe that one ethnicity cannot change the way London is assessed by people around the world, so working further with other ethnicity group to build a bridge and help understand each other is a mission of our’s, where we fight against racism and showcase another side of London where various ethnicity can live together while we cherish each other art, culture and music.
“London itself is a multicultural hub and place we all call home so being able to represent your identity in this city should be a mission for all ethnicity living in London.”

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