“I believe in balance and true moral freedom, I don’t believe in living life one dimensional, if we live fully with peace we’ll limit our choices when war is necessary or when we need to stand our ground. If we live with war we will limit our choices when peace is the way for growth and betterment. The true freedom is having both good and evil, the choice however is up to us but one can’t exist without the other so express your love and hate...it’s freedom”             - Qliphoth

ZEN in simple form is peace, flow state and the state of nothingness. After no burden of collecting more souls, the spiritual universe we exist in and the peace in war, how the state of mind is so focused and at peace when in battle. After the suffering comes pain and sadness but then I took a stand. Like the ying and yang theres both sides of the story, we cant live with all good or all bad, or all peace or all war, in human or even animal nature the way we are built and coded we cannot coexist with just one path in mind, we have to find the balance between good and evil so we may choose to let one out or supress when we feel like it and that is the control spiritualist seek.        - ZEN

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